Video: Linesman Axed After Telling Manchester City Players to Applaud Fans

Official who told Lescott to acknowledge fans who had paid £62 has been reprimanded.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Linesman John Brooks has been removed from tonight's FA Cup match between West Brom and QPR, after the Professional Game Match Officials Limited wanted to "take him out of the limelight" following the event that transpired in Arsenal and Manchester City's match-up last weekend.

Brooks was caught on TV by Sky Sports telling Manchester City's Joleon Lescott "they've paid 62 quid over there, go and see them", in reference to the extortionate fees charged by Arsenal at the Emirates. The high ticket prices led to many City fans boycotting the game, which prompted Brooks to tell Lescott to show appreciation towards the high-paying fans who were in attendance. 

Brooks' words were championed by fans, who have been protesting the increase in prices by holding up banners during games. One unlikely critic of the increased prices has been FA Chairman Lord Triesman, who said:"I think it will prevent the next generation from really seeing live football other than on very unusual occasions every so often when clubs will give the tickets away.

"Most of the causes of the increases are driven by the salaries paid to players. As it is, it will become a sport in which relatively well-off people will be able to go and watch it live and nobody else. That seems to me to be a tragic historic reverse."

Watch the video of John Brooks' encounter with Lescott below.