New Lincoln Ads Highlight Maverick Innovation, Honest Abe

Lincoln Motor Company is reminding you who they're named after -- and making sure you get an eyeful of the fully-redesigned MKZ as well.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely


When your company is named Lincoln and a biopic about the nation's 16th president just cleaned up a boatload of nominations as the odds-on favorite to win big at this year's Academy Awards, it's time to once again leverage that powerful name.

And give it up to the Lincoln Motor Company — you're keyed into the zeitgeist when the first image of your latest ad campaign (above) features the familiar stovepipe hat, billowing coat and lanky silhouette of the company's namesake, striding out of the mists like an action movie hero ready to rumble.

But the company's latest two spots don't just namecheck Honest Abe.  The ads showcase Lincoln's history of innovation and luxury automaking with a maverick sensibility.  They also spotlight the company's best-selling vehicle the MKZ, which debuted its fully-redesigned second generation late last year.