ESPN Fantasy Baseball Staff Release Dynasty Mock Draft

We get a glimpse at where some of our favorite players might be ranked next month. See the surprises in this ESPN 10-team mock.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Let the draft-prepping begin.

A.J. Mass of ESPN published this article Tuesday that displays the ESPN staff's 10-team dynasty mock draft. This should give us a great preview at where we can expect to find our top 100 players while drafting this spring.

There's a lot of buzz with Profar in Texas, and nobody truly knows exactly how much playing time the kid will get this season or what position (second base or shortstop) he may ultimately end up playing. But Ravitz clearly feels the talent is there: "He should be one of the top 3 in fantasy within two to three years at whichever middle infield position he ultimately settles." — Mass

No crazy surprises here from Cockcroft, other than the fact he  took Rizzo in the 7th and Davis on top of that in the 10th.

Is Bryce Harper really the No. 3 player in baseball? "Maybe not in 2013," Schoenfield admits. "But I couldn't resist passing him up in a dynasty league draft. After hitting .270 with 22 home runs, 18 steals and 98 runs as a rookie — a 19-year-old rookie — he's going to improve on all those numbers. I can see 30 bombs, 25 steals, 115 runs and maybe close to 100 RBIs depending on where he hits in the lineup." – Mass

Manny Machado, was clearly another pick with an eye on the 2015 crown. Schoenfield's take? "Machado is still developing at the plate, but will hold his own in 2013, with projections having him at 15 to 20 home runs, 10 to 15 steals, .265 or so at the plate. Once the Orioles move him to shortstop in a year or two, he'll be a fantasy stud." – Mass

Absolutely shocked Karabell took Pujols at No. 16 overall in a dynasty league. The guy is 33 years old…supposedly. Not to mention, his numbers have declined considerably over the past two seasons. Remember last April? I do.

Very interesting to see Rosario and Seager taken so early. They're young and I like them, but Mass' early picks are the first — and highest — I've seen. It looks like they might not be bargains any longer, as they were in 2012; and understandably so. That's where a few home runs will get ya.

No way Encarnacion can repeat the year he has in 2012; he's also 30. Also very excited to see Billy Hamilton go so high. If he gets a full-season in 2014 he could easily swipe 100 bases.

A little surprised Hamilton went at No. 13. He's switching teams and he's now 31 years old. Could he have the slow start Pujols suffered with last year while with the Angels? Headley at No. 48 as well? And he's 28.  All other picks I love.

A lot of boom or bust players in Keith's draft here. Kemp is coming off an injury riddled season. Upton is coming off a tremendously disappointing year. Can Hanley really ever play like Hanley ever again? Can Ellsbury stay healthy? What's the latest with Wainwright's arm?

Quintong wants to win now. Votto = stud. Cano = stud. Hamels = stud.

I'm a little surprised to see Upton so high. Evidently he thinks switching to the NL will help him. Zimmerman is a steal at No. 91.

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