‘Fringe’ Series Finale Trailer

The Fringe team comes up with a desperate plan to save Michael and their world.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

This Friday, Fox will bring “Fringe” to its conclusion with two back-to-back episodes. After five seasons, it’s all come down to this.

Last week’s episode of “Fringe” finally unveiled the plan to get rid of the Observers and free humanity… but the childlike Observer, Michael (Roman Longworth) surrendered himself to save Olivia (Anna Torv). And without Michael, the plan is doomed to fail.

Over the last few years, Fox has been known to cut some pretty amazing trailers out of the “Fringe” episodes. So it’s fitting that the network has done so one last time with a new two minute trailer that harkens all the way back to the beginning of “Fringe” as it approaches its endgame.

The new trailer also reveals how Olivia, Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Walter (John Noble) plan to get Michael away from Captain Windmark  (Michael Kopsa), as well as showing an aspirational moment from  Astrid (Jasika Nicole), a glimpse of Donald (Michael Ceveris) and a heartfelt goodbye between a father and his son.



Don’t miss the series finale of “Fringe,” this Friday at 8pm on Fox!