Twitter Reacts to Tesco’s Horsemeat Burgers

Oh, the internet. You just love horsing around, don't you?

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

The biggest sign that you've truly shit it as a business is when Twitter starts gleefully making fun of you. While you could argue that no publicity is bad publicity, when said publicity is surrounding the fact that your company's brand of beefburgers actually contains meat from horses, the more lovable, photogenic versions of cows, then chances are you're going to be praying for another controversial news topic to distract those bloody Tweeters, so that you can continue selling your non-descript meat produce to the public with gleeful abandon.

Huge UK supermarket chain Tesco are currently the subject of Twitter's attention, after it was revealed that their beefburgers contained both pig meat and horse meat. While there is no health risk involved, Tesco shoppers are still outraged, because horses are essentially giant dogs and what kind of sick freak wants to eat a giant dog?

Here are some of our favourite Twitter puns regarding Horsemeat-gate.












Photo: Getty Images