6 Funny Will Ferrell Talk Show Skits

Will performs hilarious bits with Kimmel, Fallon and Conan!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Some celebrities are content to just come to the talk show set, plop down on the couch, answer a few questions, and hop back into their super-limos. Not Will Ferrell, though. Even though he spent seven years doing sketches at Saturday Night Live, Will still loves to do crazy bits whenever he can. Here are 6 funny Will Ferrell talk show skits:


“Tight Pants” – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

In the arena of tight pants, only one can survive.


“Knife Guys” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

First rule of show business: you’ve gotta read the sign-up sheet.


“Lame-Ass Questions” – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

…and Zach Galifianakis knows how to conduct an awkwardness-free interview.


“Drive-On” – Chelsea Lately

If they had more comedians I like drop by to say how much they hate the show, I’d consider watching.


“Royal Wedding” – Late Show with David Letterman

His idea of a royal bow looks more like the start of a crane kick.


“Anchorman Announcement” – Conan

Ron’s back and he brought his flute with him. (His penis flute.)


What’s your favorite Will Ferrell sketch of all-time?


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