President Obama Demands More Research Between Violence and Video Games

“We don't benefit from ignorance,” says the President.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

President Obama held a press conference today to discuss how Congress can go about cutting down on gun violence. This follows on the heels of Vice President Joe Biden’s attempts to talk to various organizations last week about how to take collective measures to make sure something like the Sandy Hook shooting never happens again. One of the industries Biden talked with was the video game industry, which has been a scapegoat for violence as far back as the Columbine massacre.

Today, President Obama revealed to the general public that because of Biden’s findings, he wants more scientific research done into the correlation between violence and video games. “We don’t benefit from ignorance,” said the President.

Just what kind of research and how much money will be dumped into it remains to be seen. Scientific research to study the affects of violent video games on children has been done before, but maybe not on this grand of stage. In past studies, there has been no evidence linking violent behavior to those who play violent video games.  And this isn't new information — our friends over at our sister site GameRevolution have been trumpting the dubious link between real violence and video game violence since 2005.  And they've been tracking it with article after article ever since.

Of course, Obama is calling to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to look into the matter this time around.  

We’ll see where this all goes…

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