Jason Aaron & Simone Bianchi on ‘Thanos Rising’

The Mad Titan's rise to power will be retold and redefined as his profile rises toward movie stardom.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

That "Birth" teaser we got last week? Turns out that was the birth of Thanos – hence the purple lettering.

Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi will be bringing us Thanos Rising, a new limited series starting this April which seems to be a retelling (and likely redefining) of the origin of The Mad Titan – whose purple visage you may remember from the end of The Avengers movie.

"The story of Thanos' rise to power would make Shakespeare shudder," said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief of Marvel.  "The epic saga of a young boy, born in blood on a planet far, far away, who grows to become one of the most powerful and terrifying forces in the Marvel Universe, Thanos Rising takes a cold, hard look at the eternal question: Are some people just born evil?'

“This is without a doubt one of the creepiest stories I've ever gotten to write for Marvel. It's the origin of an outer space serial killer, the story of the universe's weirdest romance and a grand cosmic tragedy, all wrapped up in one,” said Aaron. “This is me taking five issues to really dig into the head of a space-faring world conqueror, mass murderer and hopeless romantic. I love writing stories with villains as the main character, and this book is about Thanos all the way.”

Aaron has had a very spotty record, but he's currently firing on all cylinders with Thor: God of Thunder, so it's possible that massive sweeping otherworldly epics are his proper milieu. 


Here's the cover of Thanos Rising #1.


Thanos Rising #1