Watch Us Play: DmC: Devil May Cry

[Video] After a prolonged hiatus, CraveOnline’s original gaming series returns with a look at Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

We’re back! It’s been a long hiatus, but Joey Davidson and Erik Norris have returned from the abyss with new episodes of CraveOnline’s Watch Us Play. If you’ve never seen an episode of Watch Us Play before, firstly, shame on you, and secondly, all you need to know is that we record some direct gameplay footage of today’s hottest games and then overlay some commentary that hopefully educates and entertains (in theory).

For our inaugural episode (of 2013), we’re playing Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry relaunch, DmC. The game has been quite controversial amongst longtime fans of the series and we hope to put those fans' fears to rest with this first episode. DmC features some frantic and fluid gameplay, and a breathtaking art style. You’ll see both put to fine display in the video below.

Enjoy and see you next week (and every week to follow)!

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