CES 2013: Marshall Unveils High Power, High Comfort Monitor Headphones

[VIDEO]: The power of a Marshall stack -- in a headphone...the company known for their stunning amps wowed CES audiophiles with their new Marshall Monitor headphones.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

It's an iconic rock image we've seen over and over again — a band scorching their way through a live set, powered by a wall of Marshall amps stacked from the floor to the heavens. The British company synonymous with monster sound brought their booming voice to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, introducing their new Marshall Monitor headphones to a packed crowd in their swanky Marshall Lounge at the convention.

The Monitor balances the high-octane power Marshall lovers have come to expect with a sleek over-ear style that's considerably more comfortable with less bulk than similar high-end headphones.

"It can play very loud, but still sound very clean and natural and detailed," Marshall sound designer Peter Oesterman said. "If you've ever listened to a really good hi-fi system or (been in) a studio, we want you to have that experience with these headphones."

Marshall said the Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs and natural, well-balanced mids. The Monitor's F.T.F. (Felt Treble Filter) System allows you to customize your sound, keeping the filter in for a warmer, laid back sound, or removing it all together for a clearer, brighter listening experience.

"The distortion is very low," Oesterman said. "The driver, the actual transducer, in the headphone is custom-made.  We made it ourselves." 

The Monitor is expected to hit U.S. store shelves in April.

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