‘Fringe’ Series Finale Preview Scenes

The Fringe team desperately searches for Michael, who may be too much for the Observers to handle.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Are you an Enemy of Fate?

This Friday, “Fringe” arrives at its endgame with two back-to-back episodes that will wrap up the series and its long running storylines.

With humanity under the heel of the Observers, Walter (John Noble) and the Observer formerly known as September (Michael Ceveris) hatched a plan to get rid of the invaders with the help of Michael (Roman Longworth); a child-like Observer who is also September’s son.

Unfortunately, Michael surrendered himself to Observer forces as they were closing in on Olivia (Anna Torv). But without Michael, the plan to save the world simply won’t work.

In the last preview scenes ever from “Fringe,” we see Olivia, Peter (Joshua Jackson), Walter and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) desperately trying to find any trace of Michael.



However, the Observers may soon wish that they hadn’t captured Michael as Captain Windmark (Michael Kopsa) discovers that his normally harsh methods of interrogation don’t affect Michael in the way that they should.



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