Stan Lee Sends YouTube Message to Teen School Shooting Victim

[VIDEO]: Comics legend Stan Lee is sending out a special message to a teenage comic book fan wounded in a California school shooting last week.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

Stan, as always, is the man.

Springing into action like a 90-year-old Spider-Man, the comics legend took to YouTube yesterday to send a special message to a teenager and big time comics fan wounded during a school shooting in California last week.

As Bakersfield TV station KBAK reports, Bowe Cleveland, 16, was shot inside his classroom at Taft Union High School in the southern California community of Taft Jan. 10 when 16-year-old classmate Bryan Oliver allegedly stormed in with a shotgun and pockets full of 12-gauge shells. Police said Oliver, who was arraigned in court this week as an adult, fired several rounds inside the classroom, leaving Cleveland seriously injured.

Friends said Cleveland is a big comics fan and an admirer of Lee in particular. So his classmates took to social media in an effort to contact Lee on the wounded teen's behalf.

"Hey, hi, Bowe," Lee says in the YouTube video (posted above). "You know, I've been told that you're a big fan of mine, and I want you to know, that means a lot to me."

"My thoughts and prayers are with you," Lee continued.  He also promised Cleveland a care package full of signed posters and comics.

"You've got a whole superhero cheering section, rooting for you," Lee said.

KBAK reported Oliver told authorities that he was pushed to violence because Cleveland and other students bullied him. It's unclear if authorities have substantiated that claim.

Cleveland remained hospitalized this week in what doctors call improved condition, KBAK reported. A surgeon at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield said Cleveland was being taken out of an induced coma, and his condition is no longer considered life-threatening.

All in all, just another heroic performance from Marvel's favorite nonagenarian…