“Mama” Horror Movie Opens This Weekend

Ontario-shot flick gets good reviews.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Starring Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty," "Lawless") and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Game of Thrones"), the horror flick "Mama" looks at a couple as they raise their two nieces who were stranded in the forrest alone for five years… or were they really alone?

Shot in Southern Ontario, so far the flick is getting good reviews. According to Global News, the L.A. Times' Betsy Sharkey wrote, "Beautifully envisioned, badly constructed, the only truly terrifying things… are the fake tattoos, short black hair and black T-shirts meant to turn 'Zero Dark Thirty' star Jessica Chastain into a guitar-shredding, punk rocker chick. Rather than dishing out pure scary movie chills, first-time director Andy Muschietti serves up a darkly twisted allegory about a mother's protective instincts. Which would have been an excellent framing device, and infinitely more satisfying for grown-ups, if he had pulled it off. He doesn't quite."

In the New York Times, reviewer Manohla Dargis wrote that the movie, "Offers a strong sense of time and place, along with the kind of niceties that don’t often figure into horror flicks, notably pictorial beauty, an atmosphere throbbing with dread and actors so good that you don’t want anyone to take an ax to them."

"Mama" opens in theatres tonight across the country.

Photo: www.mamamovie.com