Is Sony Planning a Controller Redesign for PS4?

Recent rumors suggest we might be holding a new controller when playing our PS4's. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Hold onto your butts. There are whispers on the wind that Sony is redesigning the controller for their inevitable PlayStation 4 gaming console. The current controller design incorporated by the PS3, as well as the PS2 and PS1 before it, the DualShock, has been a staple of Sony systems since 1997 when it was introduced.

According to a report by CVG, Sony is looking to come up with something new for the PlayStation, something that closely resembles the design of their handheld, the PS Vita. Therefore, sources close to the development of the console insist the next PlayStation controller will look something like the PS Vita, with a built-in touch screen and possibly biometric readers.  

The reason for this is two-fold: a) Sony wants to blur the line between their console and handheld development divisions, and b) Sony has run into some patent problems with a company called Immersion in the past, who are the ones that supply the DualShock controller’s rumble tech. Sony might just choose to come up with something new in order to circumvent that whole situation with Immersion (you can read the specifics over at CVG).

Honestly, while I love Sony’s DualShock design, and have been using it since its introduction in 1997, I’m also not opposed to something new. Maybe there’s even a chance I’ll be able to use my Vita as a controller with the PS4. Fingers crossed on that one.

That said, let’s hope Sony doesn’t explore the same avenues that led to their last proposed PS controller redesign. Remember this monstrosity?


Yup. Never forget. 

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