8 Hilarious Bad Lip Readings

These comedians dub everything down.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ever since the beginning of YouTube time, funny folks have uploaded silly, dubbed-over videos. Just ask The Juggernaut. However, with over 147 million channel views, the team at Bad Lip Reading are the current King of Dubs. Or as they might put it, “clowns don’t masturbate inside sausage factories.” Here are 8 hilarious Bad Lip Reading videos:



The #1 rule of cat ownership: you can only kick your cat if she’s not pregnant.



Somebody that I used to know fought with ninja gloves.


The Hunger Games

Which name is sillier: Katniss or Tuna Flavor?


“Hot Problems”

Who in their right mind hates mixtapes?


2012 Debate Highlights

I think comparing himself to Judge Dredd was a major gaffe for Romney.


Black Eyed Peas

Their music’s been s***y for awhile now, but this is ridiculous.



To be fair, when you’re a vampire, you simply can’t control your fish rage.



Maybe he should invite the Yeti to watch Lost with him?


What would you like to see Bad Lip Reading dub next?


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