Did Manti Te’o Cheat On His Dead Ex-Girlfriend?

Just when you think the story couldn't get any weirder...

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

According to new reports, it looks like Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o may have had a real girlfriend over the past two months, all while answering questions in regards to his fake 'dead girlfriend,' Lennay Kekua, during that time.

Kevin Lincoln of Buzzfeed posted this late Friday:

A former teammate of Te'o's told ESPN's Bob Holtzman that "players knew the woman wasn't really his girlfriend even though Te'o played that up as his tragic story was being told." Jackie Pepper wrote that another anonymous player said Teo's teammates had thought he was lying since September, when the fake girlfriend supposedly died.

But also!: An English major at Notre Dame, Tyler Moorhead, wrote that Te'o was well known for having had other relationships with girls on campus. So, not only might he have been lying about his actual connection to Kekua, or "Kekua," depending on how you'd like to consider a person who wasn't even real — he might have been behaving in a way inconsistent with what he said as well.

Ergo: Te'o might have been cheating on his fake girlfriend — a woman who he says he never met in real life and so only loosely fits any conventional conception of what "girlfriend" means anyway. In that case, it would mean that he played up the angle of her being his girlfriend solely for attention and then couldn't even be bothered to conduct his private life in such a way as to honor the story he was telling everyone in the country. You can quibble with ideas of how he should have behaved after Kekua "died," considering that people are allowed to move on and etc. etc. — this isn't The Parent Trap — but prior to the "death," if he had relationships with girls on campus, then he did cheat on his fake girlfriend. Love is dead. Maybe.

The girlfriend — yes, the real one — appears to be a St. Mary's College student by the name of Alexandra del Pilar. Below is also from Buzzfeed.

According to TMZ, Manti Te'o dated a student at St. Mary's College (a private women's college located across the street from Notre Dame's campus) named Alexandra del Pilar following the "death" of Lennay Kekua, who Deadspin revealed to be a hoax. TMZ says that the two dated for two months and broke up recently. (That timeline is what would make this relationship unusual — it would've had to have begun during the time that, according to Te'o, he still believed the love of his life to have very recently died of leukemia.) Though there's no online proof that they were, in fact, dating, a Twitter account under the name Alex del Pilar, featuring a photo of a woman who appears to be the same as the one in the TMZ report, does furnish proof that they at least knew each other.


Thank you @MTeo_5 for my car smelling so good 🙂 pic.twitter.com/dsQfHtMD


Just making sure Manti gets home for the game tomorrow @chasehounshellpic.twitter.com/Tymbpxz3


She also retweeted this Te'o tweet —


Always and forever

— and mentioned him in this tweet.


A month ago my Grandpa wrote this about @Mteo_5! Who would have known..  instagr.am/p/SLYwVptgXy/

…All of this further proves my feeling this is all just the beginning in the Manti Te'o dead girlfriend controversy.

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