VIDEO: 62-year-old Man Drags Shark Away from Kids

And the Badass MFer of the Day Award goes to...

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

So you're having a barbeque on the beach whilst holidaying in Australia, when you suddenly hear "shark!" being screamed in the distance. What do you do? If, like me, you're so terrified of sharks that you once had a dream that they'd invented helmets that somehow allowed them to walk on land in order to hunt you down, then you'd probably immediately start running towards your car whilst booking tickets for the next flight home on your iPhone.

But 62-year-old Paul Marshallsea isn't like me due to two reasons. Reason number one is that he is from a town in Wales called Merthyr Tydfil, which I wouldn't even risk pronouncing. Reason number two is that Paul Marshallsea is the kind of badass who swings a shark round by its tail like he's The Incredible Hulk if The Incredible Hulk had trained to be a Lifeguard rather than an Avenger.

According to news reports, Mr Marshallsea dragged the Dusky Whaler shark in order to get it away from swimming children, but the video of the incident taken by a nearby Australian news crew doesn't show any children, so I can only assume that Mr Marshallsea just really, really fancied throwing a shark about a bit, and that this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Watch the video below.