Wrestler Smashed By Light Fixture During Match

[Video] See the epic 'Madison Square Garden' fail for yourself.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

In a video you have to see to believe, Madison (S.D.) High had quite the scare recently when one of their light fixtures fell from the ceiling and onto their wrestler during a match.

The annual Madison Square Garden tournament is a big draw for South Dakota prep wrestling. In the video below you'll see Madison senior Michael McCormish going up against a wrestler from Chamberlain (S.D) High Friday during the big event — only for the match to get cut short when a huge, iridescent-style light fixture comes crashing down out of nowhere.

The spotlight was a solitary fixture used to hone in on the wrestlers during action. Medical attention was prompt following the accident and thus ensured McCormish was okay. The student-athlete did tweet out the photo below which shows a considerable cut on his forehead.

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