WTF?! Angry Gamer Urges President Obama to Pull DmC From Shelves

A petition has been created at WeThePeople to get DmC banned because longtime franchise fans aren't happy with it...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Man, I’ve read a lot of stories revolving around the gaming industry over the years that have made me do a hard facepalm. But I think this latest might be the crown jewel. One angry fan has taken to the website WeThePeople to ask that Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry be pulled from shelves because longtime Devil May Cry fans “did not want nor need this reboot,” and that it “violates our rights.”

Sometimes you just can’t make this up, folks.

Here are some choice excerpts from the posting:

"The name of the game is DmC: Devil May Cry made by Ninja Theory and Capcom. A majority of gamer's are aggravated that this game has changed so much from it's past predecessors and the game actually insults the consumers in-game.

"We, as consumers did not want nor need this reboot and we believe it violates our rights to have a choice between the original's or the reboot. This game is violating our rights as a consumer and we believe it should be pulled off shelves from game stores due to it's insulting nature and the fact that it violates our rights."

The best (read also: most insulting) part? The post creator is addressing President Obama himself with these complaints. Coming right off his inauguration, President Obama is going to be tackling the big issues…

For anyone that doesn’t know, WeThePeople is a government-funded website where people can create petitions, and if signed by enough people, they are then flagged and it becomes the responsibility of someone in Congress to respond to the petition, letting the original creator know if it’s something that will be looked into or passed on. WeThePeople is responsible for the hilarious “Death Star by 2016” campaign, too. As well as its hilarious response when it got over the 25,000 signatures needed (included in the link above).

But this DmC stunt is neither sincere nor funny. It’s just sad. It also doesn't paint the gaming community as anything but immature 12-year-old brats in the eyes of the powers-that-be. That's exactly what we need right now, too…

There are longtime Devil May Cry fans that are upset with Capcom and Ninja Theory for relaunching the franchise, and then there are these maniacs that think it’s okay to waste the time of government officials – people who are busy trying to get our world on the right track again – with this nonsense. Not because it’s violent or anything, mind you, but because it offends them that their beloved franchise has been restarted.

Maybe this deserves a double facepalm?


The petition needs 100,000 signatures by February 19, 2013 in order for it to climb up the chain and actually be viewed by someone of importance. Thus far, it has 71 signatures. Honestly, that’s probably more than it should. In my own, perfect world, I like to think 70 of those signatures come from the folks at Ninja Theory, who are just trolling the sh*t out of the post’s creator.

A man can dream. 

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