An Interview With “Cracked” Star Luisa D’Oliveira

The actress has both TV and film projects slated for 2013.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Appearing on "The Good Wife," "Psych," "Supernatural," and "Hellcats," Luisa D’Oliveira, who was born in Vancouver, was recently cast in the new CBC show "Cracked." She also got a role in the upcoming flick "Red Machine," with Piper Perabo ("Covert Affairs") and James Marsden ("X-Men" and "30 Rock").

She told Crave what fans can expect from her latest projects as well as her love for video games.

1- Tell us about your work on "Cracked" – what can we expect from this new show?

I play a detective reassigned to a unit who works on cases where there's a psychological element involved. It's not something she's used to so it's a big learning experience for her. Viewers can expect new cases every week and intricate cases where there's deep mental illness and psychological elements dealt in a very honest way. We're not trying to sensationalize – mental illness is pretty prevalent and it's a delicate thing.

2- We also understand you have a role in the flick "Red Machine." What's the storyline here and what character do you play?

It's about these two estranged brothers who are reunited out in the Alaskan wilderness at the same time that there's a bear who is hunting humans – together they have to deal with the situation and take care of the people they love. My character is the deputy in the small town and it's not something she's ever dealt with, so she has to try and handle it before it gets out of control.

When I first heard the premise of the movie I was a bit skeptical but after reading the script and meeting the cast I'm really hopeful for it. I'm really interested to see how it's going to turn out..

3- Do you have a preference for film or TV?

They're both great in their own ways. At the end of the day I've learned so much from TV, where my most of my work has been so far. When you do a film you get the script so far in advance and it's neat to work on something from the beginning to the end without too much change. TV is a constantly evolving beast. They each require a completely different skill set.

4- Any other upcoming projects for 2013?

We were so busy working on "Cracked" and I have a break now so I'm domesticating. My boyfriend is a musician and he's working on an album so I've been helping him with that.

5- Did you ever finish your degree in Environmental Biology?

I'm still very passionate about it but I'm pretty hooked on acting. I might go a different route with it – instead of the science side I might work on public awareness.

6- You're a fan of video games – what types of games?

I love RPGs (role-playing games) – I like any game that has a story, like the "Uncharted" series is amazing and the "Mass Effect" characters are unbelievable. I'm so blown away where video games have gone – they look like feature films.

But I don't really play – I watch my boyfriend play (laughs).

7- Is there someone in the biz you'd love to work with?

It's so difficult to narrow it down to just one – I'm a big fan of directors, like [Darren] Aronofsky and the work of Kathryn Bigelow.

8- What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm a little bit of a nerd. I like being organized. I like reading and video games and can be a bit of a homebody. A lot of the characters I play are the complete opposite of that.

Photo: Javier Lovera