Hulu Allows You To Decide ‘Best Super Bowl Commercial’

Cast your vote, because we all know you're going to remember the commercials more than the game.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

It's been quite obvious for years now: most people watching the Super Bowl aren't tuning in to see how many yards Tom Brady throws for — or even who wins for that matter. They're tuning in for the pure entertainment factor: ala the commercials.

Toyota and Hulu are bringing in their very own 'Adzone' this Super Bowl Sunday; a chance for fans to not only see some of the all-time greatest Super Bowl commercial spots, but to vote on their favorites this upcoming Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 3.

Voting opens on Feb. 3 at kick-off and closes at the final whistle. All you need in order to vote is a Facebook account and a clear conscience — because we really don't need to see more GoDaddy and polar bears.

Go to to see the greatest spots dating back to 2008 and to vote for your favorite on Feb. 3. For the first time, there will be mobile access on iOS and Android phones as well.