Death Race 3: Inferno – Behind the Scenes Interviews

[VIDEO]: Todd Gilchrist travels to South Africa to interview the cast of the new action sequel.

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"I think what I'm looking forward to is the girl fight, because all I do is just watch."

Death Race 3: Inferno is on DVD and Blu-ray now, but a year ago we shipped Todd Gilchrist out to South Africa to visit the set of the explosive new action sequel and interview the cast, including Luke Goss (Hellboy II: The Golden Army), Danny Trejo (Machete), Tanit Phoenix ("Femme Fatales"), Fred Koehler (Domino) and Robin Shou (Mortal Kombat). Take a look behind the scenes at the crazy car stunts, the knockdown girlfights and the cast that thinks this is the best Death Race yet.