7 Funny Clips From Billy On The Street

It’s your comedy lightning round!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Okay, for a dollar: have you ever heard of Billy Eichner? Auuuugh! Billy is the star of a strange and very funny kamikaze quiz show called Billy On The Street, which airs on Fuse. He likes to sneak up on people and yell at them about Rihanna, because they don’t do enough of that on Wheel of Fortune. Here are 7 hilarious Billy On The Street videos:


Lightning Round!

To be fair, I also couldn’t name any white celebrities.


Rachel Dratch Runs The Julia Roberts Obstacle Course

I wish Julia Roberts movies were more like this.



Billy must insist on your fruit purchasing.


Rashida Jones Lightning Round!

Cool, I would win this game!


Dead or Boring?

“Enjoy the paper!” …and she did.


Will Ferrell Plays “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?”

If you’ve got to learn that Drew Barrymore doesn’t like you, it’s best to learn that on a quiz show.


Lesbian Lightning Round!

I think I remember this also happening on The West Wing.


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