Guilty or Innocent? Hazard Sent off for Kicking Ball Boy

A multi-millionaire kicks a kid in the ribs, but surprisingly we're not sure whose side we're on.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Chelsea's Eden Hazard is the subject of water-cooler conversations around the UK today, after he supposedly kicked 17-year-old Charlie Morgan ballboy in the ribs. 

After the ball went out for a goal kick in the 77th minute of Chelsea's Capital One Cup semi-final match against Swansea, Swansea fan Charlie Morgan took an overly lengthy period of time retrieving the ball from the sidelines. A frustrated Hazard ran off the pitch in order to take the ball from Morgan, which then prompted the ballboy to dramatically on TOP of the ball, refusing to let go of it. As Hazard attempted to kick the ball from underneath Morgan, he reportedly kicked him in the ribcage.

The fans in attendance booed Hazard loudly as Swansea players angrily confronted him. The 22-year-old midfielder was then removed from the pitch after referee Chris Foy showed him a red card for his actions. But were they justified?

Far be it for me to say multi-millionaires can go around mercilessly kicking teenagers, but if you look at the evidence you can come to the safe conclusion that this little shit probably deserved it. 

The following tweet was posted by Charlie prior to the match:

If that wasn't enough for you to safely assume that his Suarez-esque dive and subsequent rolling around on the pitch was all done in the name of buying Swansea some time, then you should probably know that his parents own 22.5% of the club.

Watch Hazard FINISH HIM below:

It seems that Chelsea's much-maligned manager Rafa Benitez also had his doubts about the fallen ballboy's sincerity, saying: “The boy knows he was wasting time. Hazard was frustrated and trying to get the ball. We can’t change the situation. We’re disappointed because we lost a player."

Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, one thing is for certain: Chelsea's PR team didn't get much sleep last night.

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