Cast Members Of Next Season Of “Amazing Race” Announced

New competitors include former NHL player and roller derby moms.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The new season of "The Amazing Race" has announced some of its new cast members, and it includes a former Toronto Maple Leafs' NHL player as well as some hard-hitting roller derby moms.

Canada’s most-watched reality series has disclosed who will comprise the new 11 teams who will participate in the most recent edition of the reality show competition, and it includes hockey player brothers, one of which is former Toronto Maple Leafs player Bates Battaglia. Other teams include twin doctors, a pair of roller derby moms from Colorado, newlyweds, father and son cancer survivors, a married couple, country singers, YouTube hosts and friends, and firefighters.

"The Amazing Race" is Canada’s #1 reality series and Canada’s #3 most-watched program with an average audience of 2.7 million viewers. This season of the multi-Emmy Award-winning series introduces a new twist to the game in which the first team to check in at the first pit stop earns two “Express Passes” – one to keep for themselves and one that must be given to another team by the end of the fourth leg of the race.

Traveling more than 30,000 miles, over five continents and through nine countries, teams skydive from 10,000 feet in Bora Bora, participate in a Shemozzle race in New Zealand, hunt for scorpions with the Bushmen of Botswana, and scale the treacherous north face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. 

Season 22 of "The Amazing Race" premieres Sunday, February 17th at 8pm on CTV.