The Big List: Facebook Search For Racists! World’s Oldest Ravers?

People are discovering crazy stuff with Facebook Graph Search! Plus: The Most Awkward People Ever

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to get really high, get naked, break into someone’s house, poop on the floor, masturbate in the bedrooms, attack the home owner, dodge some bullets, eat the contents of a vacuum, go to jail for a long time, get out, maybe appear on a reality show someday and check out these links!


Seven Things Hillary Clinton Was Saying When She Adjusted Her Glasses

Don’t listen to her testimony at the Benghazi hearings – listen to her glasses.


Your Boss Can Find Out Which Employees Like ‘Racism’ Thanks To The New Facebook Graph Search

Damn you, irony!


Naked Intruder Pooped and Masturbated In Florida Home

Oh, it was in Florida? Suddenly the whole story makes sense.


Elderly Couple Accidentally Ends Up At ‘Illegal Rave’

Meanwhile, these elderly folks don’t even like listeningto dubstep.


28 People More Awkward Than You

Is this what “Hungry Like The Wolf” is referring to?


That’s all for this graph searched edition of The Big List.


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