Sundance 2013 Video: Alison Brie on Toy’s House

[Video]: The 'Community' star talks about her new independent feature and what's going on with her TV series.

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"I literally only wear shoes like this here."

Only at Sundance can you find the star of "Community" playing daughter to the star of "Parks and Recreation." That's what happens in Toy's House, the new comedy starring Alison Brie and Nick Offerman, about a group of teenagers who run away from home to start a new life on their own in the woods. We already spoke to Nick Offerman about playing the Toy's House patriarch, and now we're talking to the lovely Alison Brie about her character in the film, working with a first time director, the strange vibe at Sundance with all the Los Angeles players converging on the chilly Utah tundra, and what's really going on with "Community," a series which hit some well-publicized troubles over the last year.

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