Are We There Yet? – Lonely Planet Books Are A Must

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

There are seemingly endless resources out there when it comes to planning a trip, especially with the umpteenth websites that have popped up on the internet. It can be pretty overwhelming. But one tried-and-true go-to resource that never fails are the comprehensive books offered by Lonely Planet. If you're planning a trip somewhere that you've never been, you definitely want to seek out a title or two from LP and you'll find out everything you need to know about your given destination.

In addition to books dedicated to individual cities or regions, there are also country-centric titles as well as fun topical guides like "The World's Best Street Food" or "Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Sights." Written by actual travellers who have experienced each and every hotel, restaurant, cafe, and attraction, you'll get first-hand advice and recommendations that are usually spot-on.

In fact, the "Lonely Planet" series of travel guides, which is the largest travel book publisher in the world, has also expanded to include a television production company as well as comprehensive magazine. Their website is also great, with tons of useful info.

So the next time you're hitting a new hotspot that you've never been to, forget scouring the net for random travel sites and reviews and just stick to the reliable info provided by Lonely Planet.

Happy traveling!

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