13 Funny Videos About Facebook

Comedians “like” “poking” fun at the social network!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Are you wasting too much time on Facebook today? Maybe you need to go outside and get some fresh air. Haha – just kidding, you guys. How about wasting time watching shilarious comedy videos about Facebook instead? Here are 13 funny videos about “The Facebook”:


Facebook Focus Group

Make babies crazier… got it.


“Facebook Stalker” – Dawson Bros. Funtime

Ooooh, Ruth. Yeah… I don’t know a Ruth.


Facebook Law For Idiots

What are you saying? That Hogwarts isn’t real?


Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook – Middle Schoolers

For friends, the kiss of death is talking about kissing.


If Facebook Were Invented In The 90s…

Pictures and text? I don’t know how I feel about this site.


Facebook Police

I pledge allegiance to King Zuckerberg.


Your Facebook is False

Thanks for your help, Rainn.


How Cats Use Facebook

How "catty."


CSI Facebook Creep

Photo enhancing is just a fancy way of saying “click.”


The Roast of Facebook

Poor MySpace? Eh, f*** MySpace.


The Filtered Network

A billion dollar’s worth of food photos for everyone!


10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook

To be fair, even I like Mike’s Money Laundering Operation.


Facebook Sex – Getting Poked

A Choose Your Own Sexventure


BONUS VIDEO: That's What Facebook's For

Our CraveOnline Video team warns you to uses Facebook with Caution!


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