NBA All-Stars Announced, Snubs Abound?

Dwyane, LeBron and the other familiar names are on the board, but it's who didn't make the rosters that have us talking.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

With the NBA lock-out reaching into dangerous season-cancelling territory just a few months ago, it was almost hard to imagine even having a 2013 All-Star game. But I'm glad we do. I only wish the players that deserve to be on the rosters were actually invited.

First, let's look at who's on each roster. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker give the Spurs two each and the Bulls have a pair themselves in the East– despite missing Derrick Rose — with Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. Tyson Chandler, Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Jrue Holiday are all making their first appearances.

Here are the full rosters as released by ESPN Friday:

So who got left out?

Let's start with Warriors guard Stephen Curry, who's averaging over twenty points per game and ranked No. 5 on the Yahoo Sports fantasy basketball player rater. Number five, folks. The fifth best player in all of fantasy basketball didn't make the All-Star team. That's a joke.

Also surprising is Jrue Holiday, who although is having a terrific season pumping out 19 ppg, is only ranked No. 45 on the player rater, behind guys like Deron Williams, Kemba Walker and Brandon Jennings.

Of course we realize that fantasy basketball is not real-life basketball. Stats are just stats — they don't always play out to what a player really does for his team on the floor in order to win a game. However, if you play fantasy basketball, understand that guys like Nicolas Batum, Al Jefferson and Serge Ibaka are all fantasy players ranked within the top 24, thus deserving of a 'fantasy' all-star nod.

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