Colin Kaepernick Could Crush Vegas Records

The Niners QB may not even want to know the substantial wagers being put on him for the Super Bowl.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

The 49ers vs. Ravens matchup in next week's Super Bowl has more story lines than an episode of 'General Hospital.' 

Will Ray Lewis win a ring in his last game? Who will win between the Harbaugh brothers? Is Colin Kaepernick the most exciting player in the NFL since a young Michael Vick? Or will Joe Flacco finally prove elite, winning his first Super Bowl?

Now, add a multitude of betting on Kaepernick, as thousands of people wait to see the young electrifying quarterback do….well, just what he does.

This short snippet was released by sports business reporter Darren Rovell Friday:

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick might just become the most-bet-on player in Super Bowl history. That's at least according to longtime Vegas insider Jimmy Vaccaro of William Hill, which has 75 full-service properties in the state of Nevada.

Due to the fact that Kaepernick played his college ball in Reno at the University of Nevada, Vaccaro says people in the state can't wait to place a prop bet on him.

"We put 10 props on him last week and generated more than $100,000 in bets," Vaccaro said. "To put that in perspective, a good prop is when you can draw $2,500 to $5,000 in bets."

William Hill will post at least 20 props on Kaepernick for the Super Bowl. Current props include: Will Kaepernick have 100 yards rushing and 300 yards passing? Who will have more: Kaepernick pass attempts or LeBron points scored versus the Raptors? What will Kaepernick throw first: a touchdown or an interception?

Vaccaro says the most-bet-on player he has seen since prop bets were invented for Super Bowl XX is Peyton Manning.

"But I've never seen interest on prop bets like I've seen with Kaepernick," Vaccaro said. "We think we can do $300,000 in Kaepernick prop bets alone, and that's a conservative estimate. No one has ever come close to that number."

Although I'm not willing to lay down money on the game, I will jump at the chance to bet Kaepernick has more tattoos than Flacco. That, and the fact that if the 49ers win, Kaepernick won't celebrate by going to Disney Land.

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