SUITS 2.12 ‘Blood in the Water’

Once again on Harvey's bad side, Louis plans his exit strategy while a rival firm takes aim at Pearson Hardman.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Blood in the Water"

Writer: Genavieve Sparling

Director: Robert Kumble

Previously on "Suits:"

Episode 2.11 "Blind-Sided"


Coffee is for closers, but having your name on the door isn’t. That was more or less the message Jessica (Gina Torres) delivered to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) in "Blood in the Water." Harvey is a closer, but he’s no leader according to Jessica, who was irate over his attempt to push Louis (Rick Hoffman) out of the firm.

And as Louis explained it in the men’s room as he played nurse for the justly battered Mike (Tess’ hubby finally caught up with him), he and Harvey aren’t really all that different. They’re both ultra competitive and extremely loyal… to themselves.

Allison Holt, the attorney Daniel and Jessica hired to defend Harvey way back when he was sued for fraud in the first half of this season, was back on the scene and poaching both clients and staff from Pearson Hardman. All but fearing for his life working in the same office as Harvey and seeing an out for himself, Louis offered himself to Allison’s firm. The irony here? Allison thought Louis was playing her for Harvey, who had his own suspicions about Louis giving info to Allison. The guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

Thankfully, he can. Despite his flip-flopping alliances, Jessica knows the firm needs Louis and when he asks to be let out of his contact, she tells him as much. And what’s more, she sends Harvey in to rip up his resignation letter. Indeed, Louis, not Harvey, is probably his own worst enemy.

While Louis faced the repercussions of being Hardman’s bitch, more or less, Harvey dealt with some serious abandonment issues. Zoey is leaving New York and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) just happens to be late for work and thus gets a verbal beatdown from Harvey. But after Donna (Sarah Rafferty) warns him about "kicking the dog," Harvey focuses on trying to save the one relationship he can, with tech company head and Pearson Hardman client, Trent Devon, who Allison is trying to woo.

Once again, Mike saved the day by sniffing out the BS in Allison’s deal with Trent. Despite the fact that he threatens to fire Mike on what seems like a daily basis, it’s hard to imagine Harvey being as successful as he is without his fake associate.

As for Mike, he did his best to save Harold from the wrath of Louis Litt, but ultimately decided not to take on the responsibility of vetting everything the bumbling associate does as Louis suggested in exchange for keeping him on. Still, Mike managed to hook Harold up with a job at Allison’s firm, which is either really good for Harold or really bad for Allison, but either way great for Pearson Hardman.

As the title suggests, "Blood in the Water" was all about sharks (or manatees, in Harold’s case) looking for the kill. Harvey went after Louis who went after Harold while Tess’ husband gave Mike his due and Allison even tried to poach Harvey after he poached his own client back.

What’s interesting here is how Allison chalked it up to "win some, lose some" while Harvey insisted he never loses. Like Louis, (who explained to Mike via a Looney Tunes metaphor that there was a time when he and Harvey were friends), emotions get in the way for Harvey. When he’s not foaming at the mouth with rage, he’s gloating like a schoolyard bully. Neither is a good look for him.

Hopefully, with "Blood in the Water," Harvey and Louis have squashed their beef (for now) and can move on to undermining and screaming at others, which I’m all for.