ARCHER 4.02 ‘The Wind Cries Mary’

Archer’s former best friend may be a traitor... But that’s not the most shocking revelation that Sterling discovers.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "The Wind Cries Mary"

Writers: Adam Reed & Chris Provenzano


This week’s “Archer” finds H. Jon Benjamin’s title character racing off to prove the innocence of his former best bud, Lucas Troy (Timothy Olyphant) when he is presumed dead and accused of betraying and murdering his fellowODIN agents.

Through flashback, we see that Archer and Troy were very close during their early ISIS days thanks in part to their mutual love of debauchery. Archer and Troy were so inseparable that the rest of the ISIS employees tease Archer about being in a relationship with Troy.

It takes the show’s resident gay man, Ray Gillette (Adam Reed) to point out that Troy and Archer behaved like frat boys more than anything strictly homosexual… although the naked wrestling between them was definitely pushing it in the other direction. “Phrasing!”

Of course this is all set up for the fact that Troy is alive… and very gay for Archer. Oh, and Lucas totally murdered the ODIN agents and faked his death so that he and Archer could retire and run a Bed and Breakfast out of the Addams family’s winter home.

It’s a little odd the way that Troy seemed so reluctant to identify himself as gay when he openly stated his romantic intentions for Archer. According to Troy, it was a “singular attraction” to Archer that he felt for no other man. Timothy Olyphant was really funny in the part, especially when Troy excitedly explains his plans to Archer.

“Archer” being “Archer” means that new characters rarely stick around. So by the end of the episode, Troy was on his deathbed and he confesses that he basically raped a passed out Archer years. In of itself, that wasn’t very funny. But this was.

The long uncomfortable silence between Archer, Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) and Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell) was oddly hysterical as no one dares to even bring up Troy’s final words before Archer refocuses on his own personal gratification. That’s pretty much how Sterling Archer functions on a normal day. Anything that violates his worldview is simply ignored or repressed. Hell, it’s only been one episode since Archer’s self-induced amnesia led him to become Bob from “Bob’s Burgers.”

Lana and Cyril had the B story this week as they raced to Vermont to find Archer and Troy. Hilariously, Cyril tried to give Lana her peer review along the way… and it was clearly going to be a bad one. The thing is, both Cyril and Troy were right about some of Lana’s faults. I’ve never noticed her poor aim or tendency to run out of ammo before now.

Yet the door was opened for a Lana and Cyril reconciliation when he confesses that being with her was pretty much the best thing in his life. Left unsaid is the fact that Cyril ruined that relationship by sleeping around with other women. But it’s not like Lana took him back right way. Plus, it was amusing that Lana basically made Cyril strip down in the snow so he could be bait for Troy.

The rest of the ISIS staff had a relatively quiet week, but Dr. Krieger (Lucky Yates) had one of the moments of the show when tried to use his mad science skills to become… Ant-man! Or I don’t know. It’s not entirely clear what Krieger was going for, but Archer guessed that Krieger wanted the relative strength of an ant. The ISIS breakroom was also a classic visual. I’ve worked at a few places like that… minus the pig who was caught dead there.

Aside from a few really funny moments, this was a pretty average episode of “Archer.” If this becomes the series’ new standard level of quality, it would be disappointing to see “Archer” slip from its previous heights.