7 Clips From Jimmy Kimmel Sucks with Matt Damon

Damon finally turns the tables on Kimmel, his nemesis.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Kimmel regularly ended broadcasts by apologizing to Matt Damon for having to “bump” him. We all had a good laugh, but it wasn’t a joke: Matt Damon was getting bumped for real – over 1000 times! Damon recently snapped and took over the show by force. Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Kimmel Sucks:


Matt Damon Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Live

You can only a bump a man so many times before he cracks.


Ben Affleck Stays Loyal To Jimmy Kimmel

Breaking up Matt & Ben? Man, this thing runs deep.


Robin Williams Helps Matt Damon With His Monologue

He just popped up to help like some kind of… genie? No, that’s not right.


Jimmy Kimmel Auditions For Every Matt Damon Role

There is no sadder phrase than “pity reading.”


Sarah Silverman Talks To Matt Damon About Her Relationship With Jimmy Kimmel

Now we’ve solved the ancient riddle of, “What do Jimmy Kimmel and gross hot dogs have in common?”


Celebrities Congratulate Matt Damon

Now that I’ve seen Robert DeNiro, Don Cheadle and Sally Field, I don’t need to watch the Oscars. Thanks, Matt!


Matt Damon Bumps Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel must’ve gotten a serious case of tie-mouth.


Bonus: Matt Damon Talks To Jimmy Kimmel’s Neighbors

That’s why you shouldn’t feel too sorry for Jimmy.


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