Matt Stone & Trey Parker Cut Back on ‘South Park’

Comedy Central’s signature animated series will get fewer episodes per year as the duo work on other projects.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

“South Park” fans have long been worried that the series may eventually end, even after sixteen seasons and a renewal that will carry the series through its twentieth season in 2016. And while the end isn’t in sight yet, there is definitely less “South Park” coming down the line.

The New York Times broke the story while speaking with “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who explained that the “South Park” seasons will now go from 14 episodes per year to ten episodes. Additionally, the new seasons will no longer be split in two.

Using a musical analogy, Parker compared running “South Park” to being in a rock band."Now instead of putting out two albums a year, we are only going to do one, which is more manageable and ensures that it will be something we are proud of," said Parker.

"Why did we do seven and seven to begin with?" added Stone. "We just sort of made that up. And we are switching to 10 for the same reason. It just sounded like a good number, and we won't break up the year so we can more easily do other stuff."

"We want to keep 'South Park' going for a long time to come,” continued Stone. “And given what is going on in television, I don't think it matters as much how many episodes you have.”

The financial success of the duo’s hit Broadway musical, “The Book of Mormon” recently allowed them to form their own production company, Important Studios.

“South Park” season 17 will premiere on Comedy Central on Wednesday, September 25.