Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 5 Catchers You Can’t Trust

Five guys you'll want to avoid who others will draft gladly.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

My God. Is it almost fantasy baseball season? Words cannot describe just how over-joyous I have become.

I've bought my magazines. I've signed up for my websites. I've read my books; my scouting reports; every major site on the web. Now the compiling of my rankings has begun. I figured I would start by giving you little tips and hints as to who to draft and who to avoid at each position, even before my rankings come out. Today, let's go over a few catchers you want to avoid.

Mike Napoli – Red Sox

Don't let his .320 batting average from 2011 fool you; he's a career .259 hitter. Sure, the power will still be there, but only if he's healthy. Did you know that Napoli was diagnosed with avascular necrosis this past year? The condition is in his hip and there's a good chance his hip could literally deteriorate at a quite rapid speed. It's the same condition that ended Bo Jackson's career. There's only about a 30 percent recovery rate. He'll hit more than 20 home runs if he plays, but to me, he's not worth the risk of a mid-round pick. Also, don't forget he's not in hitter-friendly Arlington any longer as well.

J.P. Arencibia – Blue Jays

The guy has never hit more than .233. He has lots of promise for power, but he'll kill your batting average. Not worth the risk.

Alex Avila – Tigers

Don't waste your time on Avila in the later rounds when you can snag a guy with a lot of upside. Avila will never hit .295/19/82 ever again. Not to mention, Victor Martinez will steal a lot of p.t., coming back from his injury-lost season of '12.

Russell Martin – Pirates

Do you really want a catcher that hit .209 last year? Sure, he hit 20 bombs, but he's not in the bronx anymore. The last time Martin played in the NL he only hit 5 home runs. Don't waste a pick.


Carlos Ruiz – Phillies

The 2012 All-Star had just that — an All-Star season, hitting .325 with 16 homers and 68 RBIs. That will never happen again for the now 34-year-old. Not only is he banned 25 games to start the year due to failing a test for amphetamines, but he only hit five home runs and a .230 average in the second half last year — doesn't sound like a promising recipe for me.

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