7 Comedy Videos Filmed On The Subway

Please stand clear of the doors and comedians.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you want to perform comedy in front of an audience, what better place than the subway? Well, actually, there are lots of better places, like venues that haven’t been urinated and vomited on, but a captive audience is a captive audience. Here are 7 comedy videos filmed on the subway:


Panhandler Party

If you want someone’s money, call ‘em a dickhead!


Star Wars Subway Car

J.J. Abrams is driving.


Subway Sharting

I guess “It’s Pat” did have a daughter.


Subway Haunted House

The subway is usually a lot scarier.


Subway Yearbook Photos

Have a great subway summer!


Subway Lectures

Please exit here for 34th Street or to get your degree.


Subway Art Gallery Opening

What is art? Whatever fancy people say is art.


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