Garrett McNamara Surfs Unimaginable Record Wave

Find out just how big the wave supposedly was. It could be a new world record.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Consider Garrett McNamara certifiably insane.

The Hawaiian surfer made news last year after surfing a record-breaking 78 foot wave off the coast of Nazare, Portugal. Now, it looks like he might have possibly shattered his own record.

News broke late Monday that McNamara caught a wave believed to have been as high as 100 feet – in the same place he set his last record, Nazare, Portugal. Below is the picture via @ciscosalvador. The red arrow is pointing at McNamara, giving you an idea at just how incredibly large this wave was.

Although some are already labeling this newest feat as a new record, some scientists are skeptical. It took the Guinness World Record group almost a year of research and science to confirm his last 78-foot record-breaking surf.

McNamara likes this surf spot in Portugal because of its commonality of incredibly large waves formed by a submarine canyon off the coast. Because of the canyon, the waves propagate over the top at different speeds. Once they converge near the shore the height of the waves increase.

McNamara is 45 years old and originally from Massachusetts, but moved to Hawaii's famous North Shore as a boy.