Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 5 First Basemen You Can’t Trust

Be cautious when drafting these guys that have 'risk' written all over them.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth


Edwin Encarnacion – Blue Jays

Encarnacion broke out in a huge way in 2012, belting 42 HRs and 110 RBI. Because of that breakout, you'll have to pay top dollar to get him. There is no way he's worth it. The 30-year-old not only has an injury plagued history, but he's a career .264 hitter. There are so many more reliable options you can grab at your draft at the same time; Billy Butler and Adrian Gonzalez just to name a couple. I don't trust Encarnacion repeating his 2012 season any further than I could throw him, and that's not far.


Mark Teixeira – Yankees

It's hard to imagine him ever hitting more than 30 HRs ever again if he keeps his current down-trending pace. He only hit .218 with 12 homers and 38 RBIs at home last season — and shall I remind you that Yankee Stadium was an absolute launching pad? Freddie Freeman is pretty much the same player, probably will be much better.


Ike Davis – Mets

He's going to go farily high in most drafts this year after popping 32 home runs last season. However, the beginning of his '12 season was dismal, and the Mets considered sending him down for good. Sure, he rebounded, but with a strikeout rate of 26.5 percent. He'll have some power, but his batting average of .227 will kill you.


Garrett Jones – Pirates

He's being priced around $8 in auction leagues. Why pay that much for a 31-year-old platoon player when you can grab guys with higher upside later? I would rather wait and grab Brandon Belt, Lance Berkman or Matt Carpenter.


James Loney – Rays

Is he really still on draft boards? The weakest full-time first baseman you could possibly draft is Loney. It actually amazes me the Rays were willing to take him from the Dodgers. He might hit 10 home runs. He might hit .255. You will lose your fantasy league if he's a starter on your team. Read what I said about Jones above and apply.


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