Band’s Complaint Against Britain’s Got Talent Goes Viral

Band's claim that they were 'mistreated' at BGT audition is getting some much-needed attention.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Britain's Got Talent and other shows of its ilk make a lot of money out of publically humiliating the deluded, but what happens when they turn their judgemental eyes on people with talent? A viral video happens, that's what.

Superpowerless, a chiptune/8-bit band from the UK, were approached by Simon Cowell's Record Label, SyCo Records, who asked them to appear on the popular talent show. Knowing the show's ruthless attitude to anyone who refuses to bend over when requested, the band understandably inquired into how they would be portrayed by the show's notoriously cruel editing team. The producer promised them that they would be shown in a positive light but (SPOILERS) he was a big ol' liar. 

Even though BGT employs a strict "don't talk about BGT" clause in the contracts it gives to its participants, Superpowerless frontman Oliver Hindle has decided to file a complaint against the show, which they have uploaded to their YouTube page. At the time of writing, the video has received almost 80,000 views since being uploaded two days ago.

Watch it below.


Below is the email sent to Oliver prior to their audition by one of the show's producers, who stated that SyCo "love" the band and even requests tickets to watch them perform live outside of BGT. 

Hi Oliver,

Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well.

I have just been down to London and met with Nick regards BGT (Just to recap, I work for Nick Raymonde. Nick acts in an A&R capacity for Syco (Simon Cowell’s entertainment company) as part of Sony.

We had a really productive meeting. He absolutely loves you (of course not as much as I do he he).

I have some great news for you. The collection of YouTube clips that I put forward of you have gone down very well indeed. It’s a YES. You are now through to the producer’s audition. Fantastic stuff.

The next step will be a call / email from Thames Television, they will tell you when / where it is going to be. Due to the secrecy about scheduling etc, I can only confirm at this stage that this will take place somewhere between mid October through to the end of January.

Could you please email across your complete contact details so that I can forward them to the producers (/ age/ address / contact telephone numbers).

Like I said at this stage, things are still very fluid. We are not sure when/where the producers auditions will take place. During our meeting, Nick and I discussed how you would present in the best possible light? We came full circle, as a SUPERPOWERLESS band/brand you as a collective are actually visually very powerful indeed. The band would create a 2 minute TV EVENT, owning that big stage and blow the audience away.

However in our respective roles (I am a Talent Media Consultant an Nicks an A&R capacity) we cant be seen to be influencing your decision or making it, that scouted acts have an unfair advantage over those whom have stood for hours to audition. How do you feel about what you would perform as? Bearing also in mind we don’t want you to be a novelty act, we want you to get across the SUPERPOWERLESS way.

Also aside from BGT, Nick and I would really love to come and meet you and see a live show of Superpowerless. You really are something special and we see massive potential beyond bgt. Please do keep us up to date of your live gigs etc.

Just to let you know I go in for an eye operation Thursday 27th Sept (Tomorrow/erm very soon indeed), so I may be a little bit groggy for the next couple of days. But please do email away and I can forward your contact details etc and dip in an out of organizing when I feel up to it.

Hope this all made sense and sits well with you? Well done Oliver.

Crave Online wishes you well on righting this wrong, Superpowerless!

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