Duncan Jones Will Direct the World of Warcraft Movie

The director of Moon and Source Code will bring Blizzard's MMORPG to the big screen in 2015.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It took some time, but Legendary Pictures finally found a replacement for Sam Raimi on the long-awaited World of Warcraft movie, a film vacated by Sam Raimi so he could work on Oz, the Great and Powerful for Disney. Legendary hired screenwriter Charles Leavitt (K-Pax) to adapt the sprawling world of perhaps the most popular video game on the planet to the big screen back in August, without a director yet attached. Now, nearly five months later, they have announced who they think is qualified to make a Warcraft movie… and it's none other than Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones. 

Jones has been on a lot of Hollywood short lists for major tentpole releases based on his early, ambitious (but relatively low-budget) sci-fi movies, but World of Warcraft is the first one that he's officially signed up for. We think he's a great choice, and we'll be Legendary's feeling pretty good about themselves for catching such a promising new talent before anyone else did. Hollywood Reporter broke the news, and reports that the film is aiming for a Fall 2013 production, with a release planned for 2015.

For the record, this means 2015 will bring audiences World of Warcraft, Star Wars: Episode VII, The Justice League, The Avengers 2, The Fantastic Four and, just for the hell of it, Ant Man. Don't make any big plans for 2015, folks. You're going to be spending most of it at the multiplex.


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