Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All-Time

Because we all know the commercials are the only reason most of you will tune-in. Here's a list of the funniest.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

From the looks of this list compiled, it's obvious that the funniest Super Bowl commercials have come mostly within the last 13 years. I hope you're ready to have a good laugh…

Fedex – Castaway (2003)

Oh, the irony! Who could forget this Tom Hanks Castaway spoof.


Darth Vader Kid (2011)

Not only was this totally genius from VW because of it's uber-popular Star Wars theme, but the cute mini-Darth won the hearts of millions. Plus, who doesn't love watching the endearing father making his child's wish come true. Cute, funny and heartwarming all at once.


Herding Cats (2000)

I laugh out loud watching this 13 years later. I have no idea who EDS is or if they even still exist, but job well done fellas.


Budweiser's Wassup (2000)

This sparked a whole generational trend…'wasssssaaaaappppp.'


Got Milk? Who Shot Alexander Hamilton? (1993)

The commercial that started it all; the Got Milk campaign. Who shot Alexander Hamilton? The answer is Ahhhnn Bahhh. Sorry dude. You lose. Shoulda had milk!

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