J.J. Watt Makes 6-Year-Old’s Wish Come True

[VIDEO]: The NFL star's biggest fan was a heartbroken little girl. But through the help of Facebook, he turned her frown upside down.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

A video was posted on Youtube earlier this month which showcased a little girl devastated. It wasn't because her team lost or because she didn't get the right Texans t-shirt for Christmas… it was because her favorite player, J.J. Watt, was too old for her. She just wishes she was 25…awwwww……

After seeing the video himself, J.J., being the heart-warming classy guy he is, utilized Facebook to track down the little girl and make her wish a reality. Once word spread on the social networking site that the Texans star was searching for her, Facebook friends connected the dots and put the two in touch so that Watt could make little Breanna his pretend wife for the day.

Well done J.J.

Photo via Facebook.