Super Bowl Drinking Games Guide

CraveOnline cares about your party. We really do. With that in mind, we created a fun drinking game that will give you something to cheer about even if your team is also watching from home.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

What better way to enjoy the game (responsibly) than to drink as the action unfolds.

As always, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver prepared.


Take one drink for every time:

Beer Commercial
Car Commercial
Movie Commercial
Halftime show is promoted
Pepsi, Coke, Dorritos, GoDaddy, or Taco Bell is mentioned in non-commercial context.
Completed Pass for more than 15 yards
Sack occurs
Michael Crabtree makes a catch.
Anquan Boldin makes a catch.
Vernon Davis makes a catch.
Randy Moss catches a pass.
Torrey Smith scores a touchdown.
Colin Kaerpernick kisses his bicep.



Take two drinks for every time:

The phrase “Harbaugh Bowl” is mentioned
New Orleans city shot is shown
Ray Lewis’ retirement is mentioned.
Jim Harbaugh makes an angry face
Joe Flacco is called a “gamer” or “gritty” or something similar.
Ray Rice or Frank Gore breaks the 100 yard mark.
Colin Kaepernick or Joe Flacco breaks the 200 and 300 yard mark.


MVP Level

Take three drinks for every time:

Alex Smith mentioned.
Ray Rice or Frank Gore scores a touchdown.
Jack Harbaugh (the coaches’ dad) is shown on t.v..
If Jay-Z is mentioned at all.
The becomes tied after a team scores.
Sherlock Holmes or “Elementary” is promoted by CBS
The game goes into overtime.



Everyone takes a side. Losing side takes a drink.
Heads or tails?
The length of the National Anthem will be over or under 140 seconds?
Will the first pass play be completed?
What type of commercial comes first after kickoff? Beer, Car or Other?
Who scores first?
Will the first score be a field goal or touchdown?
Which team will be the first to score 10 points?
Who will have more completions in the first half? Kaepernick or Flacco?
Will the first play of the second half be a run or a pass?
Will there be a score in the final three minutes of the game?
Who will win?
Pick a set of numbers. If the total score at the end of any quarter ends in one of those digits you have to drink the number. [1,5,9], [2,6,7], or [3,4,8]. If zero, everyone takes two drinks.

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