Ultimate Spider-Man Clip: Kraven The Hunter

The second season of the kitschy superhero series brings in a furry Russian hunter we know and like.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

It's Ultimate Spider-Man, ladies and germs! Disney XD's flaghship show (well, now that they cancelled Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, that is) about snarky teenage superheroes fighting crime while working for SHIELD. Spider-Man, Nova, Power Man, Iron Fist and White Tiger taking on all comers.

Season 2 is gearing up, and the stakes are being raised. Check out this editorially mandated text blurb from Marvel about it!

Spider-Man must lead his team of teen heroes against the greatest assembly of super villains the world has ever seen—The Sinister Six! Season Two of the hit series, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, continues as Spidey helps White Tiger come to terms with her powers as she's being tracked by a villain from her past – KRAVEN THE HUNTER!
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Also, check out this funky clip showing Spider-Man's first real run-in with Kraven.