Mercedes-Benz Features Kate Upton In Commercial…Again

[Video] And she's not the only superstar in this commercial set to air Super Bowl Sunday.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Mercedes-Benz released a commercial featuring Kate Upton and their new CLA model just last week. That video already has over five million hits on Youtube. It should come to no surprise they would use her again.

Here is a sneak peak at another spot they're airing Sunday during the Super Bowl, and needless to say, they went all out with this one.

Not only does Kate Upton make an appearance, but so does music superstar Usher and Academy-Award nominee Willem Dafoe.

Gotta hand it to Mercedes-Benz; not only does the spot take place in New Orleans, but the commercial feels like a mini-movie. You want to be him. And if these cars really do start under $30,000, I might have to reconsider what I'm driving.

Mercedes-Benz is the official sponsor of the New Orleans Superdome, the host of stadium of Super Bowl XLVII. The automaker also took part in several charitable programs for the rebulilding and cleaning of the city post-hurricane Katrina.

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