Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 5 Second Basemen You Can’t Trust

Telling you who to avoid and why in your upcoming fantasy draft.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Chase Utley – Phillies

He's the highest rated second baseman in the NL in most preseason reports, and I can't figure out why. Utley still has serious injury concerns with his knees, not having played a full season in years. His at-bats have totaled 425, 398 and 301 the past three years — he's essentially a guarantee to go on the DL. He's also 34 years-old. Knees don't regenerate at that age. Even when he did play, he still only hit .256. No way I'm paying $25 plus for this veteran, which is what it will take to get him.

Aaron Hill – Diamondbacks

The king of inconsistency; that's Hill. Sure, the 26 HRs last season look amazing, but I promise you he won't repeat his overall value. He hit .300 in 2012, but the two years before he only hit .246 and .205. He's known for his incredible hot and cold streaks and if you're in a head-to-head league that could kill you. He's going to go for about as much as Utley, meaning I'm staying away.

Rickie Weeks – Brewers

Weeks is Aaron Hill 2.0. Incredibly inconsistent and unreliable. He had some great runs from 2010-11, but what you don't see between the 20+ HRs per season are the long cold-spells he goes through each year. He got to the 20 HR mark last year, but only hit .199 the first half of the season. I'm not paying over $20 or spending a middle round pick on this type of player when I can get guys much more reliable and consistent later.

Brian Roberts – Orioles

The only reason he's still on the O's roster is because he's still owed $10 million; he shouldn't be on your roster either. He hasn't played a full season since Herbert Hoover was in office, literally only getting in about 450 at-bats the last three years; that's three years total. He's also now 35-years-old. Don't waste a pick.

Gordon Beckham – White Sox

I was excited as anyone when Beckham got his call-up with the White Sox about four years ago. The kid had so much promise; one of the highest touted prospects in the game. The past three seasons, he's only averaged .248 and 11 HRs a season. Not good at all. I'm amazed the Sox have stuck with him this long. If he starts the year slow they're sure to move to someone else. You should move on now.

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