Lily Rabe Signs on For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 3

Rabe will be back for her third season on FX’s hit series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

American Horror Story” Season 3 has added yet another familiar face.

On twitter (via The Hollywood Reporter), “American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy wrote "So thrilled to announce Lily Rabe is onboard for ‘American Horror Story’ Season Three! So talented, love her!"

During the first season of “American Horror Story,” Rabe had a small role as Nora Montgomery, the ghost of a previous resident of the Murder House. In “American Horror Story: Asylum,” Rabe had a much bigger part as Sister Mary Eunice, a sweet and innocent nun who became one of the series’ most memorable villains when she was possessed by the devil. 

Prior to her stint on “American Horror Story,” Rabe made guest appearances in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Medium” and “The Good Wife” in addition to roles in Mona Lisa Smile, All Good Things, Aftermath and No Reservations.

Joining Rabe for their third season on “American Horror Story” are Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange. Taissa Farmiga is also reportedly in talks to return to the series after sitting out during the second season.

As with the previous seasons, “American Horror Story” Season 3 will completely change the setting and the time frame of the story, with the cast assuming all new roles. All that is currently known about the new season is that it will be set during the present and that it will once again feature a Romeo and Juliet style romance.

“American Horror Story” Season 3 will haunt FX in October.