Two Canadian Lotto Companies Taking Bets On Oscars

Loto-Quebec and Atlantic Lottery Corp. are wondering - could it bring in new money?

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Are you interested in betting on who will win the coveted Oscar statuette for Best Film or Best Actor/Actress? Two Canadian lotto companies are hoping so.

Loto-Quebec and Atlantic Lottery Corp. think that they've discovered a new stream of income – taking bets on the Oscars, which air on February 24th. According to a Canadian Press article, lottery officials are hoping that such non-sports betting will create an additional source of money as revenues have remained steady (rather than increased).

"We expect some sports lottery players who also love movies to play but we think there's going to be lots of people who love arts," said Jean-Pierre Roy, a spokesman for Loto-Quebec, who noted that seven per cent of Quebecers bet on sports. "We wonder if there's a bigger market for betting on cultural events."

"We're always looking for new products – or a fresh take on an existing one," James Reilly, Atlantic Lottery's senior brand manager of sports, said in a statement. "It was an obvious choice to offer since millions of people tune into the annual awards show. People are always casting their votes around the water cooler at work and now they have the option to make their predictions pay off. It gives them a safe and regulated way to have some fun."

Those who wish to make bets on the Oscars will be able to choose from six categories: best film, best director, best actor and actress, as well as best supporting actor and actress.

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