VIDEO: Man Gets Revenge on Cheating Wife… Using Horse Poo

Now that's what I call a MESSY breakup! HAHAHA! Kill me.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

If I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me the furthest lengths I'd go to get revenge for her adultery would be to cut holes in all of her dresses and tell everyone she knew that gave me a VD (I know you're reading this, dear, so DON'T F*** WITH ME), but apparently the bloke in the video below is a lot more unreasonable than I.

After seeing that his wife had signed up to rural dating website (apparently that kind of thing exists now), and that she had also left a rather damning message about him on the site branding him "crazy", the anonymous farmer/vengeful bastard decides that he will take out his frustrations on her convertible Peugeot, which according to her profile on the dating site is her "pride and joy", by covering it in horse shit. Her profile also lists her other pride and joy as her horse, which her estranged husband doesn't cover in horse shit because horses spend the majority of their time sleeping in horse shit, so dumping horse shit on top of a horse already entirely comfortable with horse shit would've been a little redundant.  

Watch the video below.